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god ka opposite word in hindi

 god ka opposite word in hindi ,god ka opposite bataiye ,god ka opposite word bataiye 

god‌‌‌दानव devil
DevDanav, Daity

Antonyms and meanings of god

Friends, you must have heard about god very well. Deva means deity. And a deity is one who is known for good deeds. You must be aware that three types of qualities have been considered on this earth. One is Satoguna, Rajoguna and Tamoguna. The person who imbibes the goodness of goodness is called a deity. But the person who imbibes Rajo or Tamoguna is a demonic ghost or demon. Demons believe in destruction.

Many people think that there are no gods. But it is not true. Yes, if someone does not have the right to see the deity, then that is a different matter. Often you must have heard inside the stories of the Puranas that there was a fight between the gods and the demons. It was not just the story of the time. Even today there is a fight between the gods and the demons.

god ka opposite word in hindi

Even if we do not see it with our own eyes, but it is true that there is a fight between the gods and the demons. It is a matter of year 2020 when a person named Omkar was taking a bike in the dark of night. Don't know how he got into an accident and then one of his legs was cut off and he was lying on the road. He could have died that day too, but the ancestors of his house saved him. You must also know about the ancestors, who are also known as the ancestors of the house. And he is a good soul whose job is to help his people.

Friends, the deity becomes a person who imbibes good qualities in his life. Just like a person who does good to others throughout his life and has good thoughts towards others becomes a deity.

In fact, even after death, ideological impurities remain inside the person. For this reason, before becoming a deity, his ideological errors are done. The reason is that he should not be motivated by wrong things.

You should also know that yogis could create a soul that was within the subtle world and a fully human soul. Not only this, a human body could also be given to him.

However, such tantric practices are rapidly becoming extinct. Because now very few seekers of the highest order are left and the few who are left do not appear in front of the world. Because most of the people are now demonic. They just want to be immersed in luxuries. By the end of the earth, the number of Tamoguni and Rajoguni people will be very high, who will create various types of atrocities and terror on the earth.

meaning of demon

You must have heard the name of the demon, the meaning of the demon is the demon and you must have known about the demon. In the ancient story and story, there is a very good mention about the demons. And many types of demons have been told. Like Ravana was also a demon who had ten heads. similarly

  • dark
  • Banasura
  • Bhasmasura
  • Bakasura
  • donation
  • Dhenuk
  • contamination
  • Hiranyakashipu

Just like the terrible demons happened in ancient times. You will be surprised to know that the power of power has always been with the demons. The demon has always enjoyed the pleasures. The reason is that the demons used to trust inside the enjoyment and luxury. But on the contrary, the gods never enjoyed the power in the right way.

Even though you don't see long horned demons today, demons still exist. During the Corona period, you saw many hospitals as the house of demons. And many demons turned disaster into opportunity. Similarly, some demons looted the public fiercely. But the demons always forget that one who is immersed in the pleasures and pleasures of luxury, his speed is like that of Ravana. His speed is similar to that of Bakasura. They say that they do not repent in the end time, neither got Maya nor Ram. However, the history of the demons is that they put their whole life behind women's enjoyment and money and when the end time comes then everything gets ruined.

Well, you cannot explain demons in any way. The reason is that they believe in enjoyment. They think that there is no greater happiness than this. The atrocities you are seeing here today are all because of demons.

 Women are raped and what to say about the leader of the country. 80 years old leaders still want to eat the cream of the minister, people are so immersed in indulgence that their misfortune is bound to happen. This nature gives you what you really want. If you want shit, that's what you get. God had said thousands of years ago, Arjun, that our thinking is the cause of everything. He didn't need to give proof to anyone because he was seeing everything inside himself. He did not wander in the forest like Darwin. He had seen everything happening inside him.

So if you feel alone in this demon world, then it is not a new thing because it often happens. But there is nothing to worry about. The terror of demons on earth is not of today but thousands of years old. They will continue to fight among themselves like this and will continue to be born. And then gradually he will come in the form of God in some birth.


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