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god ka opposite word in hindi

 god ka opposite word in hindi ,god ka opposite bataiye ,god ka opposite word bataiye  word opposite  god ‌‌‌दानव  devil Dev Danav, Daity Antonyms and meanings of  god Friends, you must have heard about  god  very well.  Deva means deity.  And a deity is one who is known for good deeds.  You must be aware that three types of qualities have been considered on this earth.  One is Satoguna, Rajoguna and Tamoguna.  The person who imbibes the goodness of goodness is called a deity.  But the person who imbibes Rajo or Tamoguna is a demonic ghost or demon.  Demons believe in destruction. Many people think that there are no gods. But it is not true. Yes, if someone does not have the right to see the deity, then that is a different matter. Often you must have heard inside the stories of the Puranas that there was a fight between the gods and the demons. It was not just the story of the time. Even today there is a fight between the gods and the demons. Even if we do not see it with our own eyes,

tcs full form in hindi Tax Collected at Source [Business]

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